Private Lessons with Grant

As well as being a world-renowned performer, Grant has also established himself as a leader in the field of education. He has taught students and delivered workshops to thousands in 5 different countries. He has inspired students and taught not just the basic skills required but also how to gain the leading edge in preparing for auditions, competitions and performances.
He also coaches other teachers on delivery and content for how to get the best out of their own students as well as focusing on making music your life career.
Private In-Studio Lessons

Looking for a Permanent or Casual Lesson Time?
Limited spaces are available for private lessons in Grant’s fully equipped air conditioned studio. Whether you are a just starting out or a seasoned pro, Grant will be able to set you up on the right path to improve you drumming skills. 
Got an Audition or Drum Competition entry coming up? 
Why not book in for some comprehensive lessons with Grant to make sure that you’re ready for the final stages? Many of Grant’s students go on to do degree courses from high school and he has coached many students to success in the various drum competitions held around Australia.


Why not be one of the many students that travels for an intensive study block. Grant’s studio is only 10 minutes from the Brisbane airport! Many students will come in for 1-2 days and have 2-3 hour lessons each day. Before coming in for your lessons, you will be in communication with Grant about your desires and outcomes for your drumming. He will then structure a lesson plan to suit your needs depending on the block of time you have booked to get the most out of the opportunity.

Before any student commences studying with Grant, they will be asked a series of questions in order to set an overview of goals for the student and the action steps required to reach these goals. This guarantees the highest of quality and individualised education. Focus is put on the students outcomes so that they remain enthusiastic throughout the whole learning process. While Grant will be guiding them through the processes, it is their goals and selected pathways, which will drive the criteria.
Some of the skills involved in private tuition with Grant include:
Improvising and
Musical Styles

Career Coaching: not just for Drummers!
Grant also has many music-based students and groups looking for guidance as to ways that they can make a career from their music. This is a form of coaching which is too commonly overlooked in traditional teaching studios. Grant uses his 22+ years in the industry to offer advice, guidance and direction for those looking to take their music to the next level.
Productive and Time Saving Techniques for Recording
Career Directions and Options
Setting Up your own Teaching Studio
Band Directions and Focus Areas
Building a Reputation in the Industry
Music is your Business:
a. Communication
b. Time Management
c. Promotions
d. Marketing
Setting Goals and Methods of Attainment                  

(As of January 1st, 2011)
All sessions are one on one and are personally tailored to reach individuals needs.
Permanent spots (Weekly or Fortnightly) for Lessons at Grant’s studio are $80 per hour.
Casual and One-Off half hour lessons at Grant’s studio are $80 per hour.
Skype™ lessons are: $80 per 60 minutes.

You don’t have to be from Brisbane to get private instruction with Grant. Many of his students travel from interstate for either single or multiple-hour sessions. There have also been several drummers that have travelled from overseas destinations such as Italy, Singapore and New Zealand to have lessons with Grant. Multiple-hour sessions for travelling students are based off a questionnaire and then pre- programmed by Grant to maximize productivity and to cover all of the students desired focuses.
Grant’s private teaching studio is Air Conditioned and Fully Equipped, with two drum sets. It is conveniently located just 10 minutes from the Brisbane Airport:
Scream Ahead Studios
47 Bunya Street
Eagle Farm Queensland
(off Kingsford Smith Drive)CONTACT.html
Introducing Skype Lessons!
Grant now offers drums lessons via Skype. This allows drumming students from around the world to receive lessons from Grant no matter where you are!
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Check out Grant’s other new and innovative Educational initiatives:

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For lesson enquires with Grant email:


“There is the opportunity to receive lessons from Grant via Skype. It' s fantastic! He is always careful to your musical needs and he can indicate the best way to get your musical goals.

His knowledge is infinite and he can help you in all areas of your drumming with very interesting concepts and challenging exercises… it will be an amazing experience. Now you can from all parts of the world using Skype. Don't miss this chance!".  

Domenico Scarpino, Italy

Grant Collins, what a master! Grant has progressed my drumming skills, control over the kit and the skill to become an all-round drummer... a great teacher, confident, extremely skilled, and his people skills are just amazing.

I would highly recommend anyone of any age, any sex to receive lessons from Grant. A true professional, a great character and one of the most talented drummers in the world!”

Scotty Wade (Dark C3ll, Ever Eve, formerly a member of "Arctic")

Student quotes
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