Grant’s “Getting in the Groove" Keynote presentation  outlines many of the journey’s that have seen him rise to the top of his trade. He cleverly draws parallels between being in a band and being a member or leader within a corporate environment. After being told as a Grade 6 student that he was too old to start playing the drums, he finally took it up in his late teens. Since then he has gone on to be acknowledged as a global principal within musical and educational sectors.

As well as sharing the work and life discoveries of his personal journey, Grant includes a mind blowing physical example as an insight as to how he developed his super drumming skills.

Other topics within the presentation include:

Being at your best, Staying focused, Understanding others – workplace relationships, Ego’s, The importance of training and continued learning, Staying motivate and always looking ahead, If it were easy, everyone would be doing it and Being aware of current trends and environment

*Grant will work with you to prepare the presentational content to suit your organisations/events needs and focus.

Grant Collins has a proven track record when it comes to fun, exciting and fulfilling workshops. He has developed his workshop skills by presenting to literally tens of thousands students throughout five different countries. A Grant Collins workshop gives your organisation the opportunity to access a world-leading performer for your event. His 30 years as an industry professional shine through as he presents with the commitment, enthusiasm and passion that have seen him become a driving force and an innovator in his field on the world stage.

"A Master of his medium..."

Grant Collins is a Master of his medium, giving people who are hungry for more life the wisdom, insights, understanding, and inspiration they need to achieve it.

Mike Tyler
Senior Education Officer, Education Queensland

After performing for thousands across the globe, Grant’s travels, experiences and very creative outlooks combine for what is an informative, educational and inspirational experience.

To engage, inspire and motivate


Team building fun with a message


Bucket Patrol

Bucket Patrol brings the world of Bucket Drumming to your group. This is a highly energetic and interactive workshop where participants will learn to play rhythms and beats using sticks and buckets. Participants are encouraged to release their inner drummer, with team building being a focus for putting group pieces together. Bucket Patrol has also been extremely successful with disengaged boys groups for schools and communities. With sticks in hand, Grant will also show you how to do stick spins (the most important part of being a drummer of course)!

Buckets and sticks provided so nothing to do but turn up and play! *Limited numbers

Be the Beat

Body Talk

Body Talk is a Body Percussion program which works with participants on how to use their body to create rhythm and sound. As well as fun building block exercises, members will learn how to play beats and challenge themselves in this enjoyable, lite physical and engaging workshop. Participants will be challenged with physical coordination and memory retention activities as they learn how to use their body and make music with physical movement. Team building will be embraced as a part of the interactive learning structure of this workshop.



Getting in the Groove

Keynote Presentation: with Grant Collins



Be The Beat is a corporate workshop designed to bring a sense of enjoyment, team building and activity to your business seminar. Be The Beat utilizes the music of South America for a spirited and vibrant performance. It involves all of your delegates, as they become the star performers in this exciting blend of dance and rhythm.

The delegates are broken up into various groups, which get to tackle simple rhythms. Working as a team becomes an essential part of the performance, as all rhythms are put together to form full-blown compositions.

Grant also treats delegates to a special solo performance that will blow them away as he demonstrates the rhythms that will be performed throughout the workshop.

During this low-risk workshop delegates will be engaged with:

Building individual and team confidence

Improving focus, clarity and self awareness

Group co-operation using music and movement as a medium for team building

Brazilian rhythms and movement

The importance of timing and listening

A strong sense of accomplished achievement

A release of stress in the workplace

Grant is accompanied by a fellow workshop coordinator for Be The Beat to help guide delegates through the workshop’s unique experience.

This is an extremely fun and productive session that will energise delegates and will prove to be a highlight at any event!

Contact Grant to have him perform for your function!

Grant personal story of commitment, enthusiasm and passion will inspire employers, employees, individuals and teams to reach their maximum potential in both their work related and private lives. Grant’s communication skills enable him to reach a diverse range of audiences with lessons in achievement, meeting your own personal needs as well as the needs of others, instilling potential in ourselves and others, and developing and reaching goals and ambitions.

To become recognised as a world leader in your field, you need to know more than just the basic techniques of your craft. Grant’s  Keynote presentations outline many of the journey’s that have seen him rise to the top of his trade. He cleverly draws parallels between musical and corporate environments to inspire as he passionately delivers his message to business groups. From large audiences to small groups Grant will engage for a presentation to be remembered.

His performance skills also attribute to his ability to be an engaging speaker for all occasions.


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