Whether you are looking for a specialised workshop with serious music students or an introduction for an enjoyable musical experience, Grant has programs and workshops to cater for all levels. Workshops are available for single classes, entire music or school polulation and community projects and events.

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Education Programs & Workshops

Fantastic! Thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the presentation. Student involvement and participation was excellent.

Amanda Sharrok,

Muller College

The most enjoyable and engaging Arts Council performance I have ever experienced!

Stacey Train,

Herberton State School

A professional, well-constructed workshop that was inspirational to both teachers and students.

Daniel Philippe

Bremer SHS


All workshops have been carefully crafted by Grant, drawing on his 30+ years of performance and education experience.


Body Talk

Bucket Patrol

Time in Music

Be the Beat

This performance-based presentation uses a $40,000 version of Grant’s monster drum set up. Students are able to observe one of the world’s leading performers do what he does best…Perform! Grant also breaks down his music to involve all of the students in a seriously exciting and educational 4-way co-ordination clapping exercise.

An experience guaranteed to blow away and hit with dramatic impact!

A highly interactive Hybrid Arts workshop designed to engage students from start to finish, as they become the star performers in this exciting blend of dance and rhythm. Working as a team becomes an essential part of the performance as groups work together to perform spirited South American pieces. Grant is accompanied by a professional dancer to help guide students through this workshop’s unique Hybrid Arts experience.

Body Talk is a Body Percussion program which works with students on how to use their body to create rhythm and sound. As well as fun building block exercises, students will learn how to play beats and challenge themselves in this enjoyable, physical and interactive workshop. Students will be challenged with physical coordination and memory retention activities as they learn how to use their body and make music with physical movement.

Join the Dots:


Join the Dots is an exciting composition workshop where students learn to draw on their inner creativity to use percussive sounds to create a musical work. As well as covering the elements of music including dynamics, tempo, rhythm, pitch etc, the students will learn how to use incorporate these elements within their compostions. The content can be as simple or as complex as the student wishes and can use everything from pencils on a desk to dropping a school bag on the floor as their instruments. Students will learn a variety of compositional techniques and will be challenge and impressed at what they can achieve to creat their works.


Education through inspiration and innovation

The Power of One:


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How does time work in music? This exciting workshop is designed for upper primary and secondary students to demonstate and explore the different functions of Time in Music. From strict time to rubato, your students will learn and understand how to make music sound and feel a certain way. This program is interactive and incorporates several different exercises for students to create sound and time. Find out how to understand Time in Music for performance, listening and compositionfrom a master of time!

Bucket Patrol brings the world of Bucket Drumming to your group. This is a highly energetic and interactive workshop where students will learn to play rhythms and beats using sticks and buckets. Students are encouraged to participate, with team building being a focus for putting group pieces together. Bucket Patrol has also been extremly successful with disengaged boys groups for schools and communitites.

Buckets and sticks provided so nothing to do but turn up and play! *Limited numbers


Rhythm Studies

Music Business

South American Rhythms

Afro-Cuban Rhythms

Practice Techniques

Percussion Techniques

Evolution of Rhythms

Goal Setting

If you would like to have Grant out for multiple sessions, please enquire about the AIR (Artist in Residence) program.


More workshops or have your own customised to your requirements

As well as these exciting programs and workshops, Grant can also work with you to bring a specialised workshop with a particular focus to you students.

Do you have composition project coming up? Grant can work with you and your students to help them on the way to create their own exciting musical works.

Some other the areas specialised workshops can be presented for are:

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