A Note from the Musicians

The music and products on Grant Collins’ Web site are copyrighted materials. Under no circumstances do the musicians grant permission for the songs to be electronically shared or uploaded to any Web site.

We do understand that some musicians like to upload their performances with play-along products to YouTube and other video sharing sites.

We request the following:

If you decide to produce your own performance with one of the play-alongs being sold on this site and share it on YouTube or any other Web site, please do the following:

Title your upload: "(your name) performing "(song name" by Grant Collins or Collins/Wardingham Project"

Please also include "Collins" as search tags.

Please include links to (& in the description so that others may find and purchase our products.

Our products are produced by great musicians who work hard to bring great products your way. We appreciate your respect for this.

Audio tracks will be sent digitally in mp3 format. Chart will be sent digitally in PDF format.

*please note that all audio files and charts are copyright and it is illegal to copy/distribute copies...thanks!

Afro Jam

CiaB 3

CiaB 4

Plasma Vortex


Carnival on Mars

Brain T's

Attack of the Necromongers

Bionic Zit Xpander

A fun an exciting Afro-Cuban track which highlights the drummer and acts as a great showcase for your playing be it a YouTube clip, a music exam or an audition. You can use a generic Afro-Cuban groove or knock yourself out with some more difficult patterns that you may have learnt. The fun rating is 10 for this track so sit int he drum chair, lay down some exciting grooves and try to whip the smile off of your face!


Intermediate 2 - Advanced 1. Years 9+

Based off Grant's "Chicken in a Biscuit" phrasing, this is a piece which sounds very intricate as the drum part is duplicated amongst the other instruments for a supertight performance. The piece is in 4/4 and uses some interesting phrasing for rhythmic diversity. Its 60 seconds of fun intensity!


Intermediate 2 - Advanced 1. Years 9+

Like CiaB 3 this piece is based off Grant's "Chicken in a Biscuit" phrasing. It advances on the rhythmic atributes developed and incorporates a multitude of time signatures and phrasing. This will test your skills as you play along with the rather intense backing track. Its 60 seconds of pure intensity and focus!


Advanced 1 - Advanced 3. Years 11+


Progressive Rock/Fusion

Grant's Play Along tracks are an excellent way to learn new grooves, fills and songs, all while playing along to a professional sounding recording.

The Play Alongs are perfect for:

- learning development

- music examinations/presentations

- auditions

- YouTube clips