If you're looking to learn the drums or build up your drumming skills...
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We specialize in drum lessons and coaching for all levels.
No matter where you are in your drumming journey, we've got you covered.

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6 Week Intro to Drums Course

If you're curious about the drums and would like to explore what it's about, this is the perfect course. You have fun, learn how beats and fills work, and learn to play along with a song! That’s why I am dedicated to making sure you LOVE learning drums and this 'Intro To Drums' course is the PERFECT way to get started.


If you've learnt a few beats and fills but are still just starting out, these lessons will help you develop your skills, showing you how to have even more fun and how to progress further with your drumming. You will learn how to build your hand technique and coordination, your beats and fills, and most importantly how to use these new skills on the drumset.

Our Flagship Program

Learning Drums will never be the same again!

Discover a modern hybrid model of learning drums with a combination of personal one to one lessons, online classes, workshops and live calls. With a combination of teaching approaches, contact points and student involvement, this is a new wave in education that will engage students better and for longer.


Learn at your own pace.

The GRANTDRUMS ACADEMYY ONLINE has an online catalog of courses and workouts, as well as the live workshops which are all included in the membership. For those looking for online inspiration and learning without one on one lessons, this is for you!