How To Count Quintuplets

Counting Quintuplets, is a question I get asked about a lot. Let's look at how we can take the mystery of how to count them.

Quintuplets are just another subdivision. There are no more complex than playing triplets, but because they're not as common, people often view them as being complex. It's just that they're unfamiliar.

When learning quintuplets or any subdivision, it's important to have a counting system that allows you to keep track of where you are in the bar and also give you a reference point of each subdivision. You also need something that rolls of the tongue well.

It's important to look at a consistent accounting system for the various subdivisions that you'll be using so that they can be mixed together freely and easily.

Here I'll discuss not just how I count quintuplets, but why and what made me head in this direction with the way I count the quintuplets.

Let me know how you go playing quintuplets, and enjoy!.

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