How to find the Balance Point - Of Any Stick!

Let's look at how to get the most from our playing using the balance point of the stick. Let the stick do the work for you!

Drums are a physical instrument. Let's look how we can use physics to our advantage and get more out of our playing. Being able to use the balance point of the stick allows you to use less energy when playing and also will help the drums sound better because of how you're hitting the Drum. 

Finding the balance point on your stick will also help to protect you from vibrations that can damage your hands when you hit the drums.

Here, I'll show you exactly how to find the balance point of any stick and how freely you can move once you find that point.

A fun idea is to go into your local Drum shop and check out their range of sticks. Go through a variety of sticks of different shapes, lengths and sizes to see if you can find the balance point on them all. You'll find some will feel much better than others as there will weighted for  physics to work to your advantage. Others that don't feel so good, usually require a lot more physical exertion and manipulation to play the drums.

Have fun and find the balance point on your stick today!

Categories: Technique

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