That’s why I am dedicated to making sure you LOVE learning drums and this 'Intro To Drums' course is the PERFECT way to get started...

If you've learnt a few beats and fills but are still just starting out, these lessons will help you develop your skills, showing you how to have even more fun and how to progress further with your drumming.

You will learn how to build your hand technique and coordination, your beats and fills, and most importantly how to use these new skills on the drumset.

Let’s get you drumming today!

Just Starting out and never played drums before?

We've got you covered!


10 week terms are based off the Queensland Education Schools Calendar

10 week term
weekly payments


10 payments of $44/week

  • Weekly 30 min Lesson


10 week term
upfront payment


Billed at $390 per term

  • Weekly 30 min Lesson


Missed the start of the Term?

Not a problem!
Contact to start up asap!

Term Dates - 2023

Term 1: Jan 23 - Mar 31

Term 2: Apr 17 - Jun 23

Term 3: Jul 10 - Sep 15

Term 4: Oct 2 - Dec 8

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

During each lesson we will take the time to listen to each student and provide feedback. This will make it clear for every student to know what to focus on.

This course runs throughout school term time to avoid the risk of people being away on holiday etc.

However, we understand that sometimes unavoidable absences occur… for this reason we will do a video support to help you practice and catch up on the sessions. There is also a possibility that you can join another scheduled drum lesson that same week, but this is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. 

- 90mins Drums lessons scheduled during Terms on a weekly basis.
- We will try our best to give you a preferred time, however it cannot be guaranteed.
- Scheduling will be confirmed no less than 7 days prior to the course commencing. 

We have designed these with children ages 5 - 12 in mind. However, the lessons can be tailored to suit a range of ages including teenagers and adults.